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Individual and group training sessions, with video data and analytical training.

Skill Development

Individualized training over sports-specific or position-specific skills using video data and analytical testing to develop your skills at the highest level. 

Mobility and Flexibility

Creating mobility drills that are geared towards training your range of motion around joints specific to your sport and position. These drills involve actively moving, contracting, and relaxing muscles through the joint’s range of motion. Some of these may isolate, while others involve multi-joint movement patterns.

High Performance

This is our preferred and most popular training model. Athletes are evaluated continuously as they train to make better and better program design adjustments to meet your needs, advance your athletic skills, recover faster, and mitigate your likelihood of injury. Programs are led by our high performance/strength and conditioning staff and is flexible based on how many days you are attending each week and the ever-changing demands of school sport schedules so that you can stay consistent. Athletes execute the groups workout with personalized training materials in the group setting. Dynamic warm-up, jumping, throwing, sprinting, accelerating, decelerating, agility and drills to build a strong athletic base will be demonstrated and lead by an expert on our staff. Groups are arranged by 3 Tiers all based on the age, maturity, or predisposed experience with athletic activity and training.

Tier 1 – Usually professional athletes, college athletes, and graduating Seniors in High School.

Athletic Training

Athletic training is more than working with athletes. The service covers the prevention, evaluation and management of sudden and ongoing conditions that can impair your movement and abilities.

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